Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 Secrets for Success

These are a surveyed result of a number of successful people, to find out what they have in common in achieving success. The result is a set of 10 success strategies, which can be applied by anyone who wants success in what they set out to accomplish. First you should ask yourself how many of these success actions you are actually doing today. If you feel that you could have been more successful, then try out some - if not all - of them, practice them, then see if you become more successful.

Success requires you to find out what your real dreams or goals are
To achieve success it is important to be as specific and detailed about your goals as possible. For example, say "I will increase my income with $1,000 next moth," instead of "I would like to increase my income." You must create a detailed action plan to reach your goals successfully , and then follow it.

Success requires positive thinking
This has been said so many times that most people are tired of hearing it. Nevertheless, most of us don't do it regularly. Always think positive thoughts, try to visualize success as much as possible, stay away from any thought about failure. Also stay away from negative people.You act as you think. You are as you act.

Never compromise the truth - Successful people have high integrity
If you want success, then stay away from cheating or lying. Stick to your promises. When you make a mistake never hesitate to admit it. Successful people need not be ashamed to tell the truth.

Success requires action, action and more action
Successful people never make goals for putting them in a drawer. Every end goal should be a detailed action plan. Goals without action will never be achieved successfully. Take courage. Do it! Now!

Never stop acquiring new knowledge
Learning is vital for success in whatever you try to accomplish. Read books, take e-courses, go back to school, take classes and seminars, join discussion groups, etc. If you are interested in a subject or need a deeper knowledge about it, then get it. Try to continually acquire new skills and do what it takes to learn them. Successful people do.

To become successful you need patience, persistence and hard work
Successful people Always keep their eyes on their goal. If you want to be successful work hard toward your goals. Never, never, ever give up!

If you want success, then put all the facts you need on the table
If successful people don't have the facts they need they search for them until they have all their questions answered. The more relevant facts you have about an issue, the more successful and wiser your decisions will be. Use your mistakes as your best way of learning. Then you will surely succeed.

Stay focused on what you think is important
Successful people put their full attention to what is important and don't let other people distract them. If you want success, then do the same.

If you want success, be creative and different
People that follow the crowd belong to the mediocrity. Successful people don't. Be true to yourself, and develop your own thoughts and ideas. Then you'll succeed.

To be successful, you must develop your communication skills
Successful people are clear and honest in their communication with others. Thus they encourage others to do the same. If you want to succeed, practice understanding other people before you expect them to understand you, and you'll succeed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

You Are Already Rich.

We live in a commercial, disposable society. Experts in business and industry refer to you and me as "consumers." Untold millions of dollars are spent on advertising to entice us to spend and consume more. We are told that if we will just live in the right area, wear the right clothes, drive the right car, etc., we will be happy. Please understand more wealth and more things will not make you happy. I hasten to add that poverty will not make you happy, either. 

It is important to remember that, in a global sense, you are already wealthy. Nine out of ten people who inhabit planet earth would trade everything they have to be your next door neighbor. The most modest among us could not justify our lifestyles in a global sense. It is important to remember that, while impoverishing ourselves would not necessarily improve the lives of those in third world countries, we already possess an overabundance of "stuff."

One of the fastest growing industries today is the storage industry. We are forced by our consuming nature to rent space to store things that, for the most part, we don’t need, want, or even remember that we own. It is important to distinguish between the things you have and the things that have you. The next time you are considering a purchase or acquisition, you might ask yourself the following questions.
  1. Do I really want or need this?
  2. Was this my idea or am I falling prey to peer pressure and advertising?
  3. Can I afford this without creating pressure in my life?
  4. What if I do not buy this?

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions of consumption, and—when you understand our free enterprise system—you learn that we profit from helping others. Therefore, in this sense, poverty is not a virtue. On the other hand, acquiring wealth and "things" for their own sake is a hollow pursuit.

If you are in the eternal mode of seeking more, you will never have enough. There will always be people in your world with more or better or newer things than you have, and I think we can always count on our advertising friends to try and convince us that we are lacking the essentials of life.

We are all already rich compared to our neighbors around the world. Identify the things that will really motivate you to improve your life while serving and creating value in the lives of others. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Wisdom of the Snapping Turtle

When I was 8 years old, during one of my journeys into the woods, I successfully captured a rather large snapping turtle. I immediately brought him back to my grandparents' house, selected an appropriate box, and made him my official pet. As I was being particularly quiet, my grandfather came onto the back porch to determine what mischief I might be pursuing. I showed him my prize turtle and explained that it was now my pet. 
My grandfather took a pencil out of his shirt pocket and poked the turtle under his shell until he extended his head and promptly bit the end of the pencil completely off. Then my grandfather turned to me and asked me a question that remains with me even today. He asked, "Now that you know what your turtle can do, if you stick your finger in there and he bites it off, is it your fault or his?" 
As an 8-year-old, this was very simple. I knew that if I allowed my turtle to bite off my finger, it would be my fault. I am very pleased to inform you that as of this writing, I am still in possession of all ten fingers. 
Many of us as adults forget the wisdom of the turtle, and we get bit time after time. We don't fail because we don't know what to do. We fail because we don't do what we know. Sigmund Freud tells us that insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over, but continually expecting a different result. If you keep sticking your fingers in the turtle's mouth, you will continue to lose fingers. If you want a different result in your life, take a different action. Starting now. 

Creative Warning Sign.

Free ride anyone? LOL!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Freaking awesome car simulator center.

I am a fan of racing games. I have played among others the Need for Speed franchise, Dirt 2, and Burnout Paradise, just to name a few. I would normally play using the Logitech Momo Racing Wheel, which is fun. I have always dream of going to France to experience the I-Way Car Simulator center. Designed by Cyrille Druart in Lyon, France, it offers visitor 18 different vehicle to be driven at 1:1 ratio. It is divided to 3 different zones for formula 1, endurance and rally cars. Apart from that it also offers visitor a variety of amenities such as bars, meeting room, spa, and also a fitness center.

Short story post coming up! More inspiration to start your day.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


You've heard it said that two heads are better than one. This would of course, depend upon which two heads we're talking about, but -all things being equal- there is strength and wisdom in numbers. The farther up the mountain of success you travel, the less populated you will find your path be. Achievement and excellence bring a degree of isolation. 

No one should ever make a decision in a vacuum. As you progress closer and closer to your goals, however,it becomes more difficult to find people whose advice and counsel are appropriate. 

One of the keys to seeking counsel is to never ask someones advice if they don't already have what you're trying to obtain as you pursue your goals. It is not critical that they be on the same path, but it is vital that they share the critical elements of your success. 

In an interview, Tiger Woods revealed that he, Charles Barkley, and Michael Jordan speak either in person or on the telephone a minimum of once a week. They have found that they share life challenges relating to athletic performance, financial success, and living in the public eye. The fact that Tiger Woods is a golfer and Michael Jordan a basketball player is not really important relating to these areas of mutual interest. 

Whether these high-performing athletes realize it, they have form a mastermind group. A mastermind group is nothing more or less than a group of like-minded individuals who are dealing with the same obstacles and challenges. Recently I formed such a group with four other colleagues from the speaking profession. We all speak on slightly different topics and move in varied circles; however, when it comes to the basic day-to-day challenges surrounding the growth and success of our business, we are each in the same game. We set our own rules, and we establish our own goals. We depend on one another for honest feedback and accountability.

I would like to encourage you to find several like-minded individuals who are travelling on the same road or at least a similar road toward success, and form your own mastermind group. The dividends you will both give and receive can be immeasurable.

First post!

Hi! Since this is my first post, I think it should be appropriate that I do a brief introduction of myself and why I started this blog. I love to collect short stories which is inspiring or motivational. I love personal development books and talks. This blog serve as my collection of short stories which has inspired me and I hope it can inspire you too. I'm also into automotive, technology, personal development, jokes, entertainment and also some cooking. So this blog will have a mix short stories, my interest and some other random things that runs through my mind. I do hope you'll come back to view my other post soon. In the mean time, maybe you guys can comment on my first post and maybe some tips for me on blogging in general. To end my first post, I would like you to view a video that I found to be very inspirational to view in the morning, just when you're about to start your day. Have a good day ahead!